Global Voluntary Development Association

GVDA International Summer Work Camps 2014

1) Best motivation for the volunteer work – (Special Good skills and power are not necessary)
2) Responsibility to keep rules of (GVDA and partner organization in community and co-operative to run the work camps)
3) Best effort to understand and respect cultures (both of the host community and other volunteers)
4) Open minded to make friendship (with trying to speak English in the groups and local languages.)
5) To adapt and enjoy simple conditions (of the living such as food and accommodation.)

Take Note: Though it will be very fun and dramatic time for you, if your motivation is only for enjoying holidays, please don’t apply and do just travel. If it is more for voluntary services to make a better world and friendship with local people and other volunteers, you are super welcome!!

GVDA Volunteer Programme offers one of the most affordable volunteer summer programme in Kenya in this competitive and expensive time compared to many International agencies but we are committed to provide excellent and quality programmes

To initiate and create willingness to gain experience of work and live in a group of teaching goals for the sake of other people in the community.

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