Global Voluntary Development Association

Long Term Volunteering Projects

GVDA offers young people worldwide an experience based international learning programme. The emphasis of this experience is on promoting international voluntary service as meaningful alternative to addressing social and educational needs of today’s youth. It also aims to heighten young people’s sensitivity towards social and cultural differences, their self-confidence and problem solving abilities.

Anybody aged 18 and above is eligible to participate in the GVDA programmes. No prior experience is required of participants. Just energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to face the challenge of being confronted with something new, as well as to learn more about themselves and the world they live in.

Along these lines GVDA staffs with their worldwide network of partners carefully select, prepare and match program participants, host families and projects.

Initial and on-going personal support is provided to all volunteers. These include: pre-departure intercultural introductory courses; an orientation and language course upon arrival in Kenya and host country; on-going counselling to volunteers, their respective hosts and Project staff; mid-term evaluation and a final evaluation conference.

Equally important is the follow-up meeting offered to participants after the stay abroad, to facilitate the re-insertion process in the family, academic and labour environment in the home country. Just think about...? In Kenya and abroad living abroad for a 1 year (or six months) earning a new language and getting to know a culture from the inside developing new perspectives

  • Live with local family and experience new culture
  • Discover your purpose, discover your gift, and discover what moves you
  • Organize youth skills, summit and youth forum
  • Bringing together indigenous youth forums, small village
  • Network with key resources person with the ability to work with people of different levels.
  • Build leadership skills or carrier with you and community
  • Strengthen risk management, learn and acquire a cross- cultural skills
  • Travel with local health professional to help improves school delivery, primary health care or conduct water treatment and HIV/Aids prevention workshop.

Through GVDA, young people aged 18 and above (up to 30 in certain countries), with or without qualifications, after secondary school or during their university studies or (un)employment, have the opportunity to live in another country with a family or a in a residential project, and work as Volunteers in a wide variety of voluntary work placements.

To be a Volunteer with GVDA means to integrate in the life and work of the Hosting organisation and wider community. Volunteers are encouraged and supported to get involved in the planning and managing of distinct Activities, take part in staff meetings, and to take on responsibilities according to their skills and interests, as well as the needs of the project. An important aspect of the voluntary service experience is the volunteer’s active participation in the life of the community in which he/she lives and works.

Voluntary service placements offered by GVDA include social work projects dealing conservation, environment, volunteering, social as human development rural development, administrative and office work, environment programmes, women income generation schemes. with children and young people at risk, with the elderly, the disabled, rural and health development projects, human rights organisations, peace associations, ecological projects, women’s groups, support groups, and solidarity projects.