Short Term and Group Programme

GVDA believes that to bring people of different cultures together so that those who participate gain a greater knowledge and understanding of one another in Kenyan communities and the best way to learn about the cultures, languages and customs of other countries is through international education exchange and homestay program. Short-term Group Homestay programs are an ideal way for international exchange university students ages between 17 to 30 years of age.

The program offers every student the experience of being immersed into a new culture and opportunity to broaden their personal and professional horizons through GVDA projects . Participants will work in GVDA projects in Kenya and will gain first hand experience of life in a developing country. As an international volunteer, they work side-by side with the local students, people in Kenya communities make a positive contribution, gain new perspectives in Kenya culture, and gain a hand-on experience, building homes, for families, working with local women, groups, Community health, volunteering on developing programs and teaching and mentoring children in local schools.

Program includes:

  • • Meaningful community service work variety of fields.
  • • Enriching cultural activities such as local hand crafts
  • • Making cooking lessons, traditional dance lessons languages lessons Kiswahili and such more.
  • • Historical cultural and recreational excursions.
  • • Natural and cultural heritage sites.
  • • A committed host family network and range lodging options.
  • • Delicious local meals.
  • • Welcome and farewell.
  • • GVDA certificate upon successful completion of the project.
  • • Lasting memories and new friends.

  • • Be between 18 and above
  • • Display genuine interest in local language and Kenyan culture.
  • • Be willing to adapt to the life of the Kenya community host family.
  • • Agree to accept the host community /family assigned to them by GVDA.
  • • Sign and abide by the GVDA conditions of participation on the application form.

  • Note: Normal group sizes are 5 – 20 students plus one group leader.
    Send your application to: or