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Educational, Tours and Adventure

GVDA offers a unique combination of volunteer projects and action packed adventure travel in a fun, safe, educational and well organized environment. GVDA participants make a significant difference in community project in Kenya communities, volunteer work in the fields of conservation and community development. The program brings you endless opportunities to explore Kenya community adventure revered by anthologists as the cradle of humanity.


Contribution to sustainable development through carefully selected and managed volunteer programs that focus on local environmental and community development initiatives. You will be volunteering either a group of like-minded participants from all over the world. Be more than a tourist; become an active global citizen by contributing your energy on projects that truly make a difference.

GVDA offers Volunteer projects across the community that includes:

  • Children’s Educational projects
  • Community Development and Support
  • Home and School Building Projects
  • Indigenous Community Projects
  • Habitat Restoration and Forest


After your life-changing volunteer experience, you can explore your host community an action-packed, educational and cultural Adventure Tour with a group of 20 – 50 like – minded participants from around the world. This tour is designed to show you the best of your host country and may include activities such as:

  • Nature Hiking
  • Cultural and city Exploration
  • Wildlife Safari Tours

All GVDA programs are open to anyone who desires to make a difference by volunteering, is looking for enlightening encounters with other like-minded individuals, and thrives on exciting outdoor adventure activities!

Group Volunteer Program


This phase can range from 1-3 days depending on the time availability for your group. If your group has a limited time, the orientation just covers the local culture, religion society, ways of life, safety issues, and program orientation . After orientation, your group goes directly to the volunteer project. However, if orientation is more than 2 days, we combine language, cultural immersion and travel programs.

GVDA GROUP II (I months – 12 weeks)

This is the core component of the program itinerary. Depending upon time availability for your group, volunteering periods can range from I month to 12 weeks. Given interest of the group, we can arrange variety of projects such as orphanage help, teaching, HIV/AIDS, construction, women projects etc. Generally, we usually divide the volunteer group into small sub groups (4 -10) members in one group. We try our best to keep these groups so that they can share their experience in the evening. Depending on location , the majority of volunteers live in host family, we also arrange for daily transportation.

GVDA GROUP III (2-12 days)

Travel and exploration is also an important pat of enriching your volunteer experience. Depending upon you interest, the travel phase ranges from 2-12 days or possibly more). In this phase, your group will now get to explore the landscape, forest, wildlife and historic sites . You will get to experience the beauty and tranquility of these foreign lands on foot as you travel and hike through wilderness.

Are you with a group of more than 5 people? Are you interested in developing your volunteering and traveling career? GVDA assures you affordable, unique, small group volunteer travel programs. The process of program for your group begins with e-mail from you a group member representing the group. Whether you are a teacher, member of professional organization or looking to travel with friends and family. Look through the project of interest for your group then fill in the application together indicating the number of group. Please send your application form to or

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