Global Voluntary Development Association

What We Do

GVDA is involved in various major activities. These are:

  1. i) Organizing international voluntary services which involves cross- cultural exchange between Kenya and abroad in remote and needy community in parts of Kenya
  2. ii) Mid and long term voluntary services and projects
  3. iii) Inter – Cultural exchange through home visits, discussion and social interactions by local and overseas campers.
  4. iv) Participation in community e.g. environmental cleaning health work, water and sanitation, advocacy in HIV/Aids campaigns, access roads, improving schools and bridges in remote communities.
  5. v) Group volunteer programme for family,school,college,university and corporate groups and travel and education tours
  6. vi) Networking in partnership with local grass root non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in education, community building health care, agricultural reforms and economic development and initiative projects to alleviate poverty.
  7. vii) Helping disadvantaged and the less privileged children in the communities.
  8. viii) Initiating sports activities among both male and female youth by identifying untapped talents and energies.
  9. ix) Participate in the activities of the membership by attending annual meetings, workshops and conferences of members and other partners in development.
  10. x) To promote proactive opportunity for women groups, the disabled, community leaders and those from minority groups to exchange information, experience and knowledge in order to develop leadership excellence and act as role models across the sector.